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And the winners are…

We asked TiVo owners why they love TiVo and thousands of TiVo fans responded by creating amazing love stories, poems, songs, videos, and more. Thousands more voted for their favorites.

Thanks to everyone who shared their love for TiVo and voted. (We love you all!)

Here are the winners. Enjoy!

Grand Prize Winner!

Walter Arnett - Lexington, KY

Walter Arnett has won a fabulous TiVo home entertainment package worth $10,000 featuring a TiVo Roamio Pro DVR with Product Lifetime service; Sony 65” XBR 4K Ultra TV; Sony Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer; Two TiVo Minis with Product Lifetime service; and Two TiVo Slide Pro Remotes - or cash equivalent.


Runner-Up Winners!

These runner-ups won a TiVo Roamio Plus DVR with ProductLifetime service worth $900 - or cash equivalent.

Robert Ross - Roswell, GA

It was a dark and stormy night…actually it was a bright spring day in 2004, but dark and stormy sounds so dramatic :-P

Anyway, the family was all tired and cranky from having just moved into a new house, but Dad had planned ahead and was busy connecting this and that.

By dinner time, the whole clan gathered in our new living room with Dad proudly brandishing his shiny new peanut remote.

Bah Doop, Bah Doop, Bah Doop!! Eyes grew wide. Kids all clapped and the much anticipated TiVo era began for the Ross Family.

That was 10 years ago and we’ve certainly had a boat load of fun with our TiVo. We've had TiVo parties with Game of Thrones. We've had countless "Carpet Picnics," with tubs of Chinese Food binging on Doctor Who. Our TiVo has given us countless hours of wonderful Family time.

Then, It really was a dark and stormy night when Zeus, apparently jealous of our TiVo-love, hit the smite button on our two beloved TiVo boxes. Yep, both TiVos struck down by lightning on the same night :-(

They had long and productive lives and when we shared our tale of woe with the friendly TiVo folks, they helped us find a great deal to replace our fallen friends.

Shortly after that, we added another member to our family. An adorable Husky puppy.

What should we name this bundle of love? We first thought, Desmond, because we loved Lost and thought it would be super-cool to say, “Come Desmond. Come over here, brotha!”

Sadly, the dog disagreed and would not acknowledge his name.

A couple nights later, the dog was curled up on his little tuffet, and Dad fired up the TV.

Bah Doop, Bah Doop, Bah Doop!!

Dog looks up.

Bah Doop, Bah Doop, Bah Doop!!

Dog sits up and looks at TV, mouth falling open into a big doggy grin.

Dad says, “You like the TiVo?”

Dog looks at Dad and back to the TV.

“TiVo!” says dad. Dog looks at Dad.

“TiVo!” says mom. Dog looks at mom.

“TIVO!!!!” yells whole family at once and dog jumps off his tuffet and runs around the room like a crazy man.

And there you have it. We loved our TiVo the device so much that he’s been “TiVo, the high-def dawg” ever since.

He’s famous in our little town. People may not know us, but when we walk him down the street, people who may have met him at the dog park slow down, honk their horns and shout “TiVo!!!”

He’s our dawg…and we love him….one more way that TiVo the device has made our lives just a little bit better.

The Rosses

Jason McCoy - Pittsville, MD

Nicole DeFino - Brooklyn, NY

Billy Bloom - Roslyn Heights, NY

Wherefore art thou, Roamio?

I still remember, clear as day
‘Twas 1981.
The day I brought her home, I felt
My life had just begun.

No—not a girl, and not a pet,
And not a game, or car.
The thing which meant so much to me?
My brand new VCR!

It felt quite like the miracle,
I’ll honestly disclose.
For now I had the power to
Record my favorite shows!

And tape them all, I gladly did
From “Hill Street” to the Knicks.
On one cassette I’d keenly store
Three of my favorite flicks!

Oh, sure—it wasn’t perfect.
(Does this sound like sour grapes?)
For I could only dub one show,
And I had stacks of tapes!

But still, it was a love affair
I thought would never end.
Until I saw her—young and sleek,
While visiting a friend.

The year? It was two thousand two
Oh, many things had changed.
And soon, my VCR and I
Would find ourselves estranged.

For I had met a temptress
I had no chance to resist.
I knew from that first glance that ours
Would be a lasting tryst.

She had no need for tapes.
(She didn’t even have a slot!)
I felt like I’d just stepped from
A canoe onto a yacht!

She’d preserve any show I liked
And neatly store their names.
Without complaint, she’d keep them all:
The shows, the films, the games.

She’d zip through the commercials
And she’d freeze-frame live TV!
And if I missed some dialogue?
She’d jump back just for me!

She’d know just where I’d stopped those times
I had to leave the house.
She’d work her magic day and night
(As quiet as a mouse).

She’d keep up with the times
(First Series 2, then Series 3.)
She’d let me tape two shows at once
And watch a third (‘twas key!).

Now, though I’m still in love with her,
Some days I do feel crabby.
Since I must choose between
The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey!

For there are nights I want to tape
Five programs plus the Knicks!
And only TiVo’s newest box can
Handle up to six!

And so I pen this poem
Of the love I still don’t know.
And ask the burning question:
Wherefore art thou, Roamio?

Lawrence Gonyea - Glen Falls, NY

TiVo Is Something To Afford

The Cable bill comes
They tell me I owe.
We only watch a few things,
It costs me $5 per show!

I call the cable man,
I say “That costs too much.”
I want to stop my service
So I can afford lunch.

My TiVo box comes
And saves the day.
Got an antenna and
My cable goes away.

Plenty of channels there are
To watch for us.
Recording is easy
And the guide is a huge plus.

Our channels are free
To get over the air
We can stream online
With a price that’s fair

With lots of options,
we cut the cord.
Our TiVo service,
is something we can afford.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. What is the “Why I Love TiVo” Contest?

A. “Why I Love TiVo” is an opportunity for people everywhere to share their love about TiVo by creating stories and/or videos.

Q. When does the contest start and end?

A. The contest starts at 12:01 AM PST on March 3, 2014 and ends at 11:59 PM PST on April 15, 2014.

Q. Do I have to purchase anything to enter the contest?

A. No purchase is necessary.

Q. Who can enter “Why I Love TiVo”?

A. Anyone 18 years of age or older and who resides in the United States can enter. TiVo employees and contractors; employees and contractors of Zuberance, Inc., and Site Systems, Inc. and their family members are not eligible.

Q. What prizes can people win?

A. The Grand Prize is a TiVo® Home Entertainment Package worth $10,000, featuring the all-new TiVo RoamioTM Pro DVR (or $10,000 in cash). There will be 5 runner-ups who will win a TiVo Roamio Plus with Product Lifetime service.

Q. How will winners be selected?

A. Winners will be judged on originality, creativity, persuasiveness and the number of votes received. See official rules.

Q. How and when will winners be notified?

A. Winners will be notified by email on or before April 30, 2014.

Q. How do I enter “Why I Love TiVo”?

A. Using the form on this site, create a story and/or video about why you love TiVo. Then, share your story and/or video with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and/or via email. Encourage your friends to vote for your story and/or video.

Q. How often can people vote for my story and/or video?

A. You can vote for as many stories and videos as you like and as many times as you wish. However, only one vote per person, per story or video will be counted.

Q. Can I vote for my own story and/or video?

A. Yes.

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